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Magic, spells, cosmic ordering, the law of Attraction and witchcraft are all used to attract wealth. HOW TO WIN THE LOTTERY

Here is some wealth spells you can try.



Lottery Spell

Millions of people are hoping they will win their favourite lottery draw, to empower your lottery ticket cast a candle magic spell.

Candle Magic Lottery Spell

Preparing/dressing the candle in preparation for a lottery spell:

Candle burning is one of the simplest forms of magic, one that anyone can perform no matter what their religious beliefs may be. All that is needed for the simplest rite is a white candle, an ordinary household one will do, a suitable candleholder, matches and your favourite essential oil such as lavender or rose.

You need only a little of the latter, just enough to moisten the forefinger and thumb. Starting at the base of the candle, run your fingers gently and smoothly up its length whilst concentrating on the objective of your ritual; some people find it helpful to close their eyes and visualise the desired end result. After remoistening your fingers if necessary, turn the candle 90 degrees and repeat the process so that the whole candle has been anointed; caress the candle, do not apply too much pressure or oil or you may end up with a warped candle and spluttering flame.

The idea behind 'dressing' the candle in this way while thinking of the desired aim is to forge a psychic link between you and the candle through the physical senses of touch and smell. Next place the candle securely in its holder and light the wick. Make this a conscious gesture, do not just do it automatically. The lighting should be a deliberate, symbolic act to signal your intent.

To add extra power to you lottery spell perform it on a Thursday using a candle in colours governed by Jupiter - blue, green or gold.

There are three magical principles at work during a lottery spell: concentration, visualisation and will power. The simple act of preparing candle means before you even start you are already linking with the element of fire and all its power.

Write your lottery numbers on a piece of paper, light your candle a read out your lottery numbers 3 times, next visualise your numbers in the candle flame for a few minutes or until you feel tired. Blow out your candle & drip some wax on your paper containing your lottery numbers. Hide the paper where no one, not even yourself can see it, then wait for your results to manifest.

Wealth Spell

Sit down and think very carefully about your desire, imagine how great things will be when your wealth wish comes true.

Take a pen (any type) and write your request on a bay leaf, eg “I wish to attract great wealth”. Write your initials on it also.

Bury your bay leaf in the ground (you can bury the leaf anywhere in your garden or a park for example), as you do so, think about your goal. Walk away from the leaf without looking back. (It is okay to visit the same site at a later date).

As the leaf dissolves in the ground giving something back to Mother Nature she will grant your money wish.

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