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Advice on love, life, spell casting, health, wealth, lucky numbers, hexing and everything you could ever need to know but especially how to bewitch the person of your dreams and keep them under your spell forever!

Hidden not too deeply within this website you will find the Sorceress's secret LOVE SPELLS and tips on keeping your romance hot.

A treasure trove of the Sorceress's secrets on how to bring REAL magic into your life and manifesting your dreams and wishes... read on...

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Hello, I have been waiting for you to arrive, I wondered where you had got to? It's nearly midnight you know? Tea, coffee or would you like something stronger? Perhaps a Love Potion? Oh, you want to learn about witches, sorceresses, spells and magic? I thought so! Step this way then ...

You would like to know what love spells are would you? Do love spells really exist? Where do they come from? Questions, questions.

There are many different types of love spells and a love spell can be either magical, natural or a bit of both... hmm, yes some natural love spells include:
pheromones and scent, the seductive aroma of a lady’s perfume may turn the head of any man who finds the fragrance appealing. Very often expensive perfumes contain musk oil which mimics the odour of pheromones, the natural sexual human scent found in sweat and other bodily fluids. When you believe the chemistry between you and another is causing sparks to fly, you are not wrong, your subconscious smells your lover’s pheromones and causes you to fall under their spell.

Research has shown that we tend to be attracted to those whose immunity to disease is very different from our own, because nature believes this will result in stronger children. When this chemistry exists it confirms to a couple that they are supposed to be together. All this data is subconsciously picked up by simply smelling your lover’s pheromones, and it keeps you coming back for more! The power of love...

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Another type of love spell, is a magic or witch love spell:
Most people envisage a witch when they think of love spells. A witch will use candles, herbs, oils and many sumptuous ingredients in her spells. Candles are used to create a magical atmosphere both during witch love spells and a magical, romantic meal for two. The darkness, creates an occurrence known as the Thinning of the Veils this is when the atmosphere becomes magically charged and the witch is closer to the spirit and psychic realms than normal. For the lovers just like the witch, the candle light charges the atmosphere with magic, the lovers are falling under each other’s spell, time stands still, no one else exists, they fall deeper in love.

A witch starts chanting her magical words, while thought, imagination and visualisation all become part of her work. Meanwhile, elsewhere the two lovers are whispering sweet nothings, grazing into each other’s eyes - they are in a world of their own.

A magic love spell works because the witch alters her reality and operates on a higher realm; the universe brings to us what we ask for, it picks up on thought, words, beliefs and the witch therefore only sees a positive outcome, she magnifies it with aromas, words and thoughts, while her brain waves are in alpha mode, the same frequency used by psychics ... and the same one we naturally tune into when we daydream. The universe is watching and listening, fate is being rewritten.

Anymore questions? Love? Why LOVE makes the world go round... No one compares to the one you love, they are simply the best. It is widely agreed that you cannot help who you fall in love with and sometimes the road to true love is very rocky, but love always finds a way!

Does love at first sight exist?
US scientists believe it does: Researchers at Ohio State University found we decide on what we want from someone within the first minutes of meeting them. Johnny Depp claims to have fallen in love with Vanessa Paradis when he saw her across the room, before they had ever exchanged words, it was love at first site for Johnny!

Falling in love usually involves three stages:
Lust: Your hormones cause you to go searching for a mate.
Attraction: Brain chemicals serotonin, dopamine and adrenaline ensure your heart is beating fast, your palms are hot and sweaty, your appetite has vanished and your attention span is very limited.
Attachment: If your romance reaches this stage bonding hormones oxytocin and vasopressin with encourage trust and commitment. Oxytocin is released during sexual intercourse, which establishes the more often a couple make love the deeper their connection and bond will be.

The word Witchcraft originates from the old Anglo-Saxon Wiccecraft which means "the craft of the wise.” 'Wicce' were special wise people who had occult knowledge of divination, herbal lore, healing and magic. Pagans also incorporated their belief in deities in the shape of gods and goddesses.


For many centuries the seasons were celebrated by religious groups and despite persecution many witches practiced alone and the old religion remains very much alive today.

All witches own a Book of Shadows, a spell book containing spells for many different purposes particularly love spells.

Many witches choose to specialise in love spell casting, and most dictionaries will tell you: witchcraft is the art of achieving a desired result by using mysterious methods.

A love spell witch will use candles for most of her spells, an unlit candle represents the element of earth, until it makes contact with fire, then it starts to melt creating a liquid which symbolises water and smoke is representative of the element of air. The candle is a link between the love spell witch and the universe, a candle is a solid matter transformed into spirit as it burns.

The love spell witch will use various other ingredients in her spells but the candles will be by far the most important in sending your love spell out into the universe to be granted.

Love spells are as everyone knows the most popular type of spell cast. There are numerous types of love spellsavailable from voodoo spells through to love charms and crystals. A spell requires a firm intent, intense focus and the competence to channel energy towards the specific direction of your wishes. A love spell may take some time to grant your wish because it has many, many things, people and situations to manipulate, not just your loved one.

To increase the chances of your spell working swiftly it should be cast at a powerful time which will create movement.

Moon phases are often an important ingredient to a love spell, the Moon is feminine and radiates a calm, silky energy that governs life waters of our planet: the oceans, rain, dew as well as the human body, menstrual cycles and other physical fluids. The lunar rules our emotions, and as raw focused emotions energise love spells many spell casters do use the phrases of the Moon for their spell casting.


The day of the week for casting love spells can be useful also, as each day of the week is ruled by a different god or goddess and has an energy field and vibration of its own. Working with the energies of a particular day is a lovely way to increase the effectiveness, power and successfulness of spell work.

A specific colour and factors will also encourage love spells to grant speedy results.

Colour plays a major part of our material world, it influences the way we feel and the way we operate. Ladies who wear bright red or black are considered to be more intimidating than women dressed in pale colours. Men in grey suits are thought of as conservative, while the neon colours of the sporting world more lavish. Colours do influence us and shape our daily lives. Since colour affects our emotions and feelings so much, colour is potent when used in love spells

Words are very useful and powerful tools. Words are used to express ourselves and share our deepest feelings. The words spoken during a powerful love spell greatly affect the outcome of the spell casting. By using them in a repetitive, affirming and positive way we change our lives and the lives of those around us.

Creating an atmosphere to manipulate the occult energies is a very important part of spell casting. Atmosphere puts us in the mood, moulds the frame of mind and builds up expectation.

Another spell magical booster is images. In spell casting we engage our intellect, intuition and imagination with things such as special words, symbols and the energies of nature. We find symbols in every aspect of life, they come in numerous forms: creatures, objects, gemstones, actions and words. The power of symbols is united in their ability to communicate with the the unconscious and subconscious minds and change the way the conscious mind observes the universe.

Love Spell for the Beginner


You will need: 1 candle and a piece of paper.

Love spell method:
Light the candle. Write down the intention of the love spell you are performing on a clean piece of paper. As you write down your request, visualise your desire, visualise it as coming true.
Next carefully fold the paper you have written your wish on, fold the paper in half, quarters and then eighths, all the time while thinking about your aim. Place the corner of your folded paper into the flame of the candle until it catches light, always concentrate on what it is you want to happen.

You may wish to bury the ashes later in order for your love spell to take full effect.

When you have completed your love spell allow the candle to burn away completely, this is done so that the candle has been set up for that love spell alone and when it burns away it creates the energy to have the love spell succeed. You do not need to stay with the candle after your love spell, but make sure that it is safe and that the hot wax cannot cause damage or fire. If you cannot allow the candle to burnout properly, then pinch rather than blow it out and bury the remains.

Powerful love spells can be used by anyone, Free Love Spells - easy love spells!

Abracadabra Love Spell

Abracadabra is a powerful spell. Often a talisman or love spell charm is created using 11 lines:


Copy the above diagram onto a sheet of white paper using red ink. Next write your initials and those on the one you love on top in blue or black ink. Carry for 11 days. The one you love will feel compelled to come to you.

Love Potions and Divination Love Spells

A love potion spell to spice up your love life!

In a bowl mix together:
1 cup of Epson Salt
3 drops of Sandalwood Oil
3 drops of Lavender Oil
3 drops of Ylang Ylang Oil

Add this mixture to your bath before you go on a marvellous date!

Lotions and potions can be prepared using any of the following oils:
patchouli, ginger, jasmine, orange, black pepper, rose - all bring love and romance and enhance any type of love spell.

Love Spell to Heal a Broken Heart

If your heart is broken and aching a love potion spell to heal and calm you can be made by adding 2 drops of Peppermint Oils to a glass of still water while you hold a Rose Quartz in your left hand which is connected to the right hand side of the brain, the psychic side. Three times say:

Rose Quartz in my palm, bring me healing and calm,
Rose Quartz in my palm, I ache no more, soon a new love will be at my door.

Apples are useful for love spells and love divinations.

Love Spell to Find the Initial of Your True Love

Peel an apple then throw the peel over your left shoulder the shape that forms will be your future lover’s initial.

Before throwing the peel state:
St Simon and Jude, on you I intrude
By this paring I hold to discover
Without any delay, to tell me this day
The first letter of my own true lover.

Candle Love Spells

To force your lover to play attention to you stick pins into a candle and say;

It’s not leave the candle alone I stick
But (initials of loved one) heart I mean to prick
Whether he be asleep or awake
I have him come to me and speak.

Love spells are a formalised act to harness and exploit the natural forces that exist all around us on earth. Love spells operates on the principle that everything is energy and everything in the Universe is connected to everything else.

Love spells work on the psychic realm where they are able to reshape destiny and grant the results you are seeking.

Love spells come from all over the world, there is not one single culture on earth that did not at one time have an occult legacy.

Love spells are the natural ancient science of nature.

Love spells and magic powers are natural, no one created them, imagined them or made them up.

Love spells are even older than the written word, therefore no one really knows where love spells came from!

Love spells work!

I am feeling quite tired now, I must go to sleep and dream sweet dreams.

But first let me make a wish, you should always make a wish on the first star you see in the sky at night, here goes ...

Star light, star bright,

first star I see tonight,

I wish I may, I wish I might,

Have the wish I wish tonight.

Goodnight and sweet dreams, I'll be back tomorrow night .... xxx Sorceress Follow @Sorceress707

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